My name is Laura Peterman.

I am a graphic designer, web designer, and stylist. For over 10 years, I have been helping businesses elevate their brand image by creating unique, timeless, and high-end visual identities and websites.

I also teach Graphic Design, Web Design, and Branding courses at the university and training center (Bachelor & Master levels).

My mission? Contribute to making the world more beautiful, one design at a time.


I've always been fascinated by fashion and the influence of images, so I studied Applied Arts - Fashion Design & Environment


I first worked as a stylist, then as a visual merchandiser. That's where I developed my global approach to a brand and learned how to create a universe and tell a story around a product or concept.


Then, I worked as a graphic designer in a communications agency, where I also learned to code websites.


After a few years in an agency, the need to combine all these skills and do something that reflects my own personality prompted me to leave the salaried workforce and become a freelance creative director.


I've been asked to give courses in Graphic Design, Webdesign & Branding. Since then, I've been a regular teacher and trainer at schools and training centers, in addition to my work as a graphic and web designer.

" Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. ”

My vision

By providing you with a brand image that’s aligned with your values and reflects the essence of your business, you gain clarity, confidence and self-assurance; your communication enables you to achieve your goals, and attract the right customers.

My goal is to help you elevate your business and create a brand that’s stylish, distinctive and that you’re proud of.

Laura Peterman - graphiste et webdesigner